Since 1989, Westfield has applied our investment philosophy across a broad range of growth equity strategies to meet our clients' diverse investment needs.


Our strategies leverage the in-depth, fundamental research efforts and expertise of our investment team across the investment landscape in the construction of client portfolios, with offerings addressing all segments of the capitalization spectrum.

Firm Assets Under Management*: $19.5 billion

Strategy Inception Assets* Benchmark
Small Cap Growth Jul-89 $3.5B Russell 2000 Growth
S/Mid Cap Growth Apr-92 $4.1B Russell 2500 Growth
Mid Cap Growth Jul-94 $4.1B Russell Mid Cap Growth
Large Cap Growth Jul-89 $4.6B Russell 1000 Growth
All Cap Growth Jul-89 $1.5B Russell 3000 Growth
Dividend Growth Jul-10 $458M NASDAQ U.S. Dividend Achievers Select
Select Growth Jan-14 $682M Russell 1000 Growth
Sustainable Growth Jan-16 $79M Russell 1000 Growth
Other* -- $52M --
IMA** -- $368M --

As of March 31, 2024

*Other represents more recently launched strategies and non-marketed strategies

**IMA (Individually Managed Accounts) represents legacy High Net Worth clients separately managed accounts managed by Westfield's CIO


Clients listed here were chosen as generally representative of the types of clients that comprise Westfield Capital Management's institutional client base and were not chosen based on performance-based criteria.
It is not known whether these clients approve or disapprove of the adviser or the advisory services provided