Westfield Capital Management is located on the 23rd floor of One Financial Center in Boston's financial district, across from South Station.   


Westfield Capital Management Company, L.P.
One Financial Center, 23rd Floor
Boston, MA 02111
Phone: 617.428.7100
Fax: 617.428.7190

Key Contacts

Press Inquiries & General Information:
Matthew E. Fuchs, CFA – Product Manager, Marketing & Client Service

Eastern Region Sales and Client Service:
Justin M. Moscardelli – Partner, Marketing & Client Service

Western Region Sales and Client Service:
Michael B. Kinney, CFA – Vice President, Marketing & Client Service

Sub-Advisory Sales and Client Service:
Jenny A. Muller, CFA – Partner, Marketing & Client Service


Clients listed here were chosen as generally representative of the types of clients that comprise Westfield Capital Management's institutional client base and were not chosen based on performance-based criteria.
It is not known whether these clients approve or disapprove of the adviser or the advisory services provided